• Welcome to Academy of Dallas Distance and Online Learning Program

     AOD Distance Learning

    Academy of Dallas launched Google Classroom via Distance Learning program the week of March 23, 2020. AOD’s leadership team emailed communications to all parents/guardians with an active email address outlining 3-steps to access the new, online Distance Learning program.

    1. Parents/Guardians will need to check for email(s) that includes your student’s personal Academy of Dallas Gmail Google Account for access to AOD’s distance learning program and curriculum.
    2. Starting, Wednesday, March 25th, your child/children will be able to log onto Google Classroom using their assigned personal student Gmail Google account.
    3. Upon logging into account, you will see a Google invite pending from your student’s teacher(s). Please accept each teacher’s Google Classroom invitation to allow your student(s) access to join the virtual Google Classroom(s) for each teacher and review your teacher(s) curriculum schedules including dates, times and subjects.

     Attendance Monitoring & Quality Control:
    Academy of Dallas Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) will diligently monitor and reach out to parents and scholars to ensure they are receiving an equitable learning experience via virtual google classroom(s) and/or receive hard copy handout(s) materials, for those scholars without access to technology.

    Scholar’s attendance will be tracked and monitored via:

    • Scholar(s) virtual Google Classroom login
    • Scholar(s) online classroom participation

    Google Classroom Virtual Navigation:
    Scholar(s) online classroom schedule(s) will help them navigate from one virtual classroom to their next virtual classroom during the school day as follows:

    • Virtual Classrooms: Monday – Friday
    • Pre-K virtual classroom time: 10 am to 12:45 pm
    • KA-8th grade virtual classroom time: 10 am to 3 pm

    Online Assignments:
    Assignments will be listed and posted for students to review including a “Call to Action” requesting the student to send a reply email indicating that they have successfully logged into the virtual classroom.

    Online Homework:
    Please read teacher(s) instructions every day on “How to submit homework assignments” as it may vary by teacher and subject.


    Parent(s)/Teacher(s) Online Communication:
    Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) can communicate with their scholar’s teacher(s) via two (2) methods:

    1. Google Classroom: Parent(s) can send a message via your scholar’s google classroom access. This method of communication can be seen by you, your scholar and your scholar’s teacher.
    2. Send an email directly to your scholar’s teacher: Parent(s) can send an email directly to their scholar’s teacher(s) via their Academy of Dallas email address. This method of communication is confidential and can be seen only by you and your scholar’s teacher.
    3. Although this will be a new virtual experience for some, we are looking forward to having our scholars back in classrooms learning again! Thank you for participating in Academy of Dallas Charter Schools Distance Learning Program.


    “The traditional way of educating our children no longer works; therefore, we must transform the tradition.”
    - Dr. Ross F. Williams Jr., Superintendent
    Academy of Dallas Charter School