• Founder's Message

    Our Academy is committed to the philosophy that students in urban areas (minority students in particular) need to learn the basic of how to succeed in a global Capitalist Economy through their daily educational process. This educational process begins as early as kindergarten and extends through adult education. In our Academy, students will be given a good basic education in the 3 R’s (Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships) using entrepreneurship and economic success as motivation to achieve necessary educational skills. Business ownership, and/or management will be emphasized, taught and experienced by every student to give relevance to the need to learn basic skills.

    We believe good discipline is maintained through the teaching of self-discipline and self-respect on the part of the student, example setting on the part of the teacher, and cooperation on the part of the parents.

    Although we are a Non-Sectarian School, we acknowledge the existence of God and believe in respect for the flag and the Constitution of the United States of America. Any student may be excused if his teachings or beliefs will not allow him to participate in patriotic activities with a written statement from his parents.

    At the Academy, we take a positive, but also a no-nonsense approach to the education of young people. We believe that every student should be taught at their level of understanding first, then worked with, in small groups to help them reach their highest potential. However, in order for them to reach the highest potential, we must have full cooperation of both the student and his parents, and their philosophy and objectives of education must concede with ours. We recommend that all parents and students read carefully this Student/Parent Handbook.

    Our Administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to the education of your child and to servicing you.