Academy of Dallas Charter School Crest

Academy of Dallas Charter Official School Uniform Information

  • Effective 2021-2022 School Year, Academy of Dallas Charter School requires all scholars/students to wear the school required uniform thereby adhere to students/scholars, administration/leadership team, and school staff uniform policy.

    Academy of Dallas believes that appropriate student dress contributes a productive learning environment and to keep the focus of the classroom on learning. The district’s Superintendent fully supports uniforms for student(s) and staff:

    Five Reasons to wear a school uniform:

    • Build a culture of school pride
    • Create an attitude of “Unity, Pride” Conceive. Believe. Achieve.
    • Foster positive expectations “We’re All on The Same Team”
    • Cultivates relationships – Students in uniform feel connected
    • Increase Academy of Dallas and Bexar County Academy brand awareness and consistency

    Uniform policies at Academy of Dallas Charter School also helps families to concentrate where it matters the most that are on the quality of education of their child.

    School Uniform selections are available at Academy of Dallas Official Uniform Source