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About The Special Education Department

Academy of Dallas Public Charter School Special Education Department, staff, teachers, and scholars welcome you and your family to AOD’s Eagle family.

AOD’s Special Education Department provide educational and enrichment programs that are an integral part of the school’s curriculum to meet scholars academic, social, and emotional needs preparing them to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.

These explicit and systematic programs are implemented and supervised by a team of highly qualified and certified Special Education Teachers, Dyslexia Teacher and school-based License School Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, and other professionals to ensure that AOD’s Special Population receives the most effective and efficient services from our professional staff. 

BETTER TOGETHER - Our team is committed to high expectations and solid systems that achieve equitable outcomes for every scholar with a disability.


2021 Dyslexia Handbook Important Changes For Families
2021 Dyslexia Handbook Important Changes For Families - Spanish

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