• Academy of Dallas Coronavirus Updates

    Dear Academy of Dallas Parents,
    In Academy of Dallas, we are committed to doing all we can to keep staff and scholars healthy and safe. With this goal in mind, we are pleased to share that we will be taking part in a statewide program offering rapid tests for use in schools. This program will allow Academy of Dallas to test both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals—including staff and scholars-- and reduce the risk to our school community. If you have additional questions, please click on the links below for details.


    Governor's Opening of Texas
    Executive Order to stay at home will expire on April 30 - Governor will allow that to expire as scheduled.   

    To learn more go to  gov.texas.gov/opentexas

    IMPORTANT NOTE: TEXAS schools will remain closed for the duration of this school year.
    Effective today, Friday, April 17 at noon, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order declaring that ALL TEXAS schools will remain closed for the duration of this school year.

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    As we all know, these past two weeks have been challenging for us all, and I appreciate your patience as we navigate through these unusual times. I want to inform everyone that Academy of Dallas Campuses will remain closed through April 24. (Although Dallas Independent School District has communicated that closures are indefinite, we will inform you of any further changes and/or extensions at that time). 
    Dr. Williams, Superintendent

    Dear Academy of Dallas Faculty and Staff:

    This evening a shelter-in-place order was issued by Dallas County.  We have reviewed the order and consulted with legal counsel.  School operations are an essential function.  The order is NOT in effect until Monday March 23 at 11:59PM.  Operations as previously announced and scheduled will CONTINUE for tomorrow, March 23, 2020 as previously directed.  You are directed to report for duty as previously directed for March 23, 2020.  
    Operations for March 24 through April 3 will continue and you are directed to continue to report as previously instructed, as our school system’s work is an essential function and your work is necessary for our students’ learning and success.  Further guidance may be provided and we may update assignments to meet social distancing requirements.
    Your dedication and continued efforts contributions to educating our students is appreciated.  If you have any questions please report them to your immediate supervisory so that we can respond efficiently.
    03/20/2020 - Free Breakfast and Lunch available during school closure
    Academy of Dallas Charter School Continuing Efforts to Give Back to Our Community:
    Due to schools’ closure because of COVID-19, Academy of Dallas Charter School will be offering free Breakfast and Lunch for all children up to age 18 @ the Vernon and Oak Park Campuses
    • Beginning March 23, 2020
    • Breakfast and Lunch will be Available for Pickup Monday-Friday: 8 am – 9 am
    • For more information, please call 214-944-5544, or email: Sheila.Hector@academyofdallas.com

     03/19/2020Important Messages  for parents and staff:

    • All Texas schools (including Academy of Dallas Charter School, Vernon/Oak Park campuses) will be closed to April 3, 2020.
    • On Thursday, March 19, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order stating that all Texas school will be closed from midnight, Friday, March 20 to April 3, 2020.
    • As circumstances continue to evolve, we will stay in touch and provide updated information to all of our AOD parents and guardians.
    • We want everyone to stay healthy and informed, therefore we encourage everyone to follow CDC prevention guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html

    As circumstances continue to evolve, we will stay in touch and provide updated information to all of our Academy of Dallas parents and guardians.
    We want everyone to stay healthy and informed, therefore we encourage everyone to follow CDC prevention guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html

    Stay tuned for more updates.

    Academy of Dallas district events and activities canceled  -  Posted on 3/17/2020

    • Academy of Dallas is committed to keeping families up to date with information on COVID-19 as we receive guidance from Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS).
    • Effective immediately, all district events and activities are canceled until further notice. This includes athletics, field trips, after-school programs and other campus activities. After-school care and other services like tutoring will not be available during school closure from March 16 to March 27, 2020.

    Update on cleaning of district facilities - Posted on 3/17/20

    • Academy of Dallas have activated extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the school campuses (Vernon and Oak Park locations). Custodial staff will perform extra cleaning of school campuses. If needed, the district has access to large-scale outside vendors who can deep-clean classrooms and schools. 
    • The cleaning and disinfection work will continue during the rest of spring break.

     COVID-19 Symptoms or Contact Response Update - Posted on 3/17/2020

    • COVID-19 symptoms include a fever of 100 degrees, cough, and/or difficulty breathing. If a person exhibits these symptoms, they should contact their physician or healthcare provider, immediately.

    Dallas County Health and Human Services -DCHHS quarantine recommendations

    • Who should self-quarantine?
      • Self-quarantine means staying at home and away from others and self-monitoring for symptoms, including doing daily temperature checks. Individuals in the following categories should self-quarantine for 14 days per the CDC:
      • Recent travelers of areas to countries with widespread or ongoing community spread.(opens in a new window)
      • Close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases.
      • For example, Mary’s spouse, Jim was recently confirmed to have COVID-19. Mary should self-quarantine for 14 days per the CDC, monitor symptom, and notify her healthcare provider and Public Health if she becomes ill.


    • Who does not need to self-quarantine?
      • Close contacts, such as family members or roommates, of people who have had close contact with a confirmed case do not need to self-quarantine.
      • For example, John is a healthcare provider who has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case at work. He does not have any respiratory symptoms. His son, Joe, does not need to self-quarantine and does not need evaluation or testing for COVID-19. However, if John becomes sick with COVID-19, Joe will need to self-quarantine.

    Procedures for staff at work or students at school, If the CDC requires quarantine of a staff person or student who is not ill but may have been exposed and has been to a school or district facility, the district will do the following:

    • Remove the individual from the school/district location
    • Contact the school community – staff, families, and partners
    • Cancel all school/facility events on day of CDC notice
    • Activate specialize and extensive cleaning of the school
    • If a staff person exhibits symptoms, they will be asked to leave school and call their healthcare provider immediately. We will monitor the staff person’s health conditions as appropriate.

    When students return to school after spring break

    • If a student presents these symptoms while at school, they will be immediately moved to a quarantined space in the school, while continuing to be monitored by an adult. A family member or emergency contact will be called to pick them up. They will be unable to ride the school bus or public transportation home.
    • Please keep in mind this is new territory for all of us. We are working with local and state officials, including Dallas County and Human Services to navigate this evolving situation and provide inclusive supports. Thank you for working with us in our community’s collective response to COVID-19. We appreciate you.