• Dr. Ross Williams


    Welcome to the Academy of Dallas Charter School's website,

    The AOD school community is committed to providing a positive, challenging, and academically enriched learning environment for all students we also affectionately refer to as "Scholars". Our goal is to provide learning activities which are rigorous and relevant while developing relationships with our Scholars (Three R's). Teachers also known as "Eagle Leaders" take full responsibility for students learning and achievement by providing quality instruction aligned to state standards. Along with a strong academic program, there are other opportunities for our scholars to learn about entrepreneurship by attending "Camp Exposure" as well as the existing curriculum "Developing Tomorrow's Business Owners and Leaders". Academy of Dallas is a melting pot of Scholars and Eagle Leaders with diverse backgrounds. This will enhance their knowledge and allow them the opportunity to embrace diversity and become culturally aware. We at AOD celebrate diversity! 

    My belief and vision is that every child can ACHIEVE at high levels, ALL adults must take personal responsibility for scholars learning and achievement, with high quality instruction scholars can ACHIEVE, their fullest potential in life, and delivering high quality public education is imperative to the success of our global world in which we live. 

    I look forward to a successful school year and am committed to providing high quality public education to ALL. 

    Ross F. Williams Jr. 
    Principal-Regional Director