We are pleased to announce that Mr. Gregory Nelson has been selected as the new District Network Principal of Academy of Dallas Public Charter School, officially starting in this new role on Monday, August 30, 2021. Mr. Nelson is well known to the school community as he currently serves in a leadership role at Academy of Dallas’ sister school district, Bexar County Academy Public Charter School in San Antonio, Texas. He will now serve in a shared services role as a District Network Principal for both Academy of Dallas (AOD) and Bexar County Academy (BCA) Charter Schools under the direction of the district’s Superintendent, Dr. Ross F. Williams, Jr.

    He has served as Principal at Bexar County Academy Public Charter School for the past year, with a successful leadership performance during an unprecedented pandemic and school year of virtual learning. Prior to that, he dedicated 26 years of service in education as an elementary and secondary educator, school administrator within the public and charter schools field, and brings an excellent reputation as a skilled instructor and leader to the principalship. His passion for teaching and learning is endless and he will complete his Doctoral degree in the fall of 2021. Morever, Mr. Nelson’s greatest achievement is being a father, desiring to leave a legacy not only to his children, but also to the children whom he works with daily.

    He is committed to ensuring that all students learn to their maximum potential and fostering innovation through collaboration with teachers, students and families. He is also familiar with the traditions and innovative successful practices at Academy of Dallas, and excited about contributing intentionally to his new role. “Academy of Dallas’ students, staff, and parent community are very important to me. I know that it takes a village to raise children and we together are that village,” said Mr. Nelson.

    Please join us in welcoming Mr. Gregory Nelson as the new District Network Principal of Academy of Dallas Public Charter School of rising entrepreneurs.