Preparing AOD Scholars for the 21st Century and Beyond!

    At Academy of Dallas Public Charter School, we intentionally create a culture that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit for PreK3 to 8th grade. This power is driven by the desire to transform the world and expand the capacity to imagine how to do so. We are always encouraging our scholars to look beyond today. Here at the Academy of Dallas, we promote entrepreneurship, multi-media educational program, Arts, college, and career readiness. 

    Just like colleges and universities, we incorporate technology and self-accountability in our curriculum. Our blended learning models help scholars supplement their classroom learning with online self-paced activities, preparing scholars for their future. As a project-based curriculum, it puts a strong emphasis on character development and entrepreneurship.

    Imagine your child engaging with interactive, dynamic, caring, and certified teachers across the country while attending school in-person with their peers. Welcome to Proximity Learning tailored for our middle school scholars. This program is an interactive learning experience that remove barriers between students and teachers through livestreaming virtual classroom, requires critical thinking, and designed to meet the needs of our students.

    Academy of Dallas is proud to be able to have successful education and entrepreneurship curriculums that drive kids to succeed in today’s economy. We’ve integrated building entrepreneurial education as part of the Academy of Dallas’s curriculum that introduces the entrepreneurial mindset that scholars can utilize to achieve success within and outside the classroom.

    Investing in Our Littlest Learners, Pre-K3 and 4:

    Academy of Dallas offers All Day Pre-K3 and 4 programs. We are providing young scholars with an educational foundation and lessons of accountability early in their education journey. 
    We recruit and invest in the most qualified and certified Pre-K teachers that understand the importance of early childhood development skills.