• Our school provides an ACCELERATED program called CRIMSI Amplify, and Eureka provides fidelity, rigor and high expectations that transforms within the four content subjects: Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies, along with a dose of healthy instruction in our Physical Education Department which are the requirements for all grade level scholars.

    Eureka Math set a new standard for rigor, coherence, and focus on the classroom so scholars gain a deeper understanding of the why behind the numbers, all while making math more enjoyable to learn and teach.

    Amplify Reading is our personalized learning program for grades K- 8 with captivating storylines to engage scholars in powerful reading instruction and practice. Whether scholars are learning to read fluently or sharpening close reading skills, Amplify Reading accelerates their growth while freeing educators up to work with small groups or individual scholars.

    Assistive Technology provides the tools and skills to use computer, iPads, laptops to help with navigating in the 21st century.


    Accelerated Educational Instructional Software Programs help with learning, also challenges their critical thinking, analytical skills, and creativity mindsets of our scholars.


    With the educational tools that are implemented in our scholars 8 hours daily schedule, general teachers and special education teachers evaluate the scholar’s performance and effectiveness in the classroom every six weeks. State and district testing are vital too.