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Empowerment Initiative


Welcome to the 21st Century Learning Experience! 

Proximity Learning at Academy of Dallas is more than an online virtual experience.

Imagine your child engaging with interactive, dynamic, caring, and certified teachers across the country while attending school in-person with their peers. Proximity Learning is an interactive learning experience that remove barriers between students and teachers through livestreaming virtual classroom.

Students attend class in-person with a facilitator. The facilitator in the class coordinates with proximity teacher to provide intentional support with the students. This learning experience connect all learners by livestreams, enabling students to receive a more equitable education.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Expertly trained and certified virtual instructors from across the country
  • Caring virtual teachers that work on forming relationships, building a rapport and making a true impact on their students
  • Approachable virtual certified instructors specialized in subjects that will keep students engaged and challenged

Here’s what students can expect:

  • To attend class in-person
  • A computer with headphones provided by the school
  • Total interaction experience; raise their hands, work in groups, and ask questions in real-time while engaging with teachers across the country
  • A fun and unique online course learning experience with in-class facilitator support

Join this global learning experience today. Enroll Now!