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Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship 

An entrepreneurial education is embedded in the classroom environment here at Academy of Dallas Charter School (AOD).  Scholars are prepared to improve their lives and society, which directly lead to positive life outcomes. An entrepreneurial education is geared towards equipping the next generation to improve their lives immediately and can include the achievement of independence, financial success or social change.

Entrepreneurial education integrated within AOD's core curriculum, gives our scholars a real-world experience-based learning environment. The learning methods include creating practical experiences of teamwork, problem-based learning, hands-on project-based work and learning outside the classroom. 


  • Introduction to App Development (Mobile App)
  • Business ideation and crafting the pitch
    • Creating a Business Plan
    • Crafting an Elevator Speech
    • Student Start-up Showcase 
    • Much more

Experience is essential in order for young people to build the skills necessary to lead change and create jobs.  Here at Academy of Dallas, we believe students learn best by having the opportunity to apply their new found education and knowledge. We create a solid foundation for future leaders and entrepreneuers by: 

  • Developing our scholars’ confidence
  • Supporting scholars in overcoming personal challenges
  • Guiding each scholar towards a personal vision

We believe an entrepreneurial education will prepare our students to become economically productive leaders by improving their academics, business and technology skills. These are the ingredients for creating lifetime success. 

Visit Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) for additional information.