• Outside the Classroom

    Outside of the classroom, we expect scholars’ behavior to support a calm, orderly environment. Outside of the school, scholars are expected to be responsible citizens of the local community and good representatives of their school. In addition to the classroom expectations, all adults on campus encourage and reinforce the following behavioral expectations:

    • Scholars use appropriate voice level inside the building and on the yard.
    • Scholars follow all school rules and exhibit appropriate behavior when traveling to school and in the hallways.
    • Scholars refrain from play fighting and resolve conflict in appropriate ways.
    • Scholars walk everywhere (except on the sports field).
    • Scholars exhibit calm, orderly behavior inside the building.
    • Scholars keep the school, garden, and neighborhood clean and free of litter.
    • Scholars are never unaccounted for and always have a pass with them when not with a Eagle Leader
    • Scholars leave places better than they found them.
    • Scholars are immediately silent and raise their hands when the universal AOD signal for silence is raised (a Eagle Leader’ hand in the air)

    In the middle school, transitions are will be escorted in lines and they will be at noise level 0.

    However, transitions for the middle school have a few structures to ensure that they are calm and orderly. Scholars must follow the following guidelines:

    • Walk on the right side of the hallway at all times
    • Do not stop in the hallway during transitions as this causes clogging
    • Do not use the water fountain or restroom during transitions
    • Only cross the hallway to enter a classroom at designated crossing zones
    • If there are still scholars in a classroom or a Eagle Leader has instructed scholars to wait, form a line outside the classroom

    Restrooms and Hallway
    Scholars are not allowed to leave class during the first or last five minutes of class or during direct instruction. Scholars must raise their hand during independent practice using the universal hand signal for restroom. After receiving permission from the teacher, the scholar must take the designated pass and quickly report back to class without any detours. Scholars who use the pass to go anywhere other than approved by the teacher may lose the privilege of using the bathroom unescorted. They will also receive an automatic detention.

    Noise Levels
    Level 0- Silent/No noise- Used in downstairs transitions, during direct instruction, when completing independent work, etc.
    Level 1- Whispering – Hallway tone
    Level 2- Private conversation- Used in group work, at lunch tables, etc.
    Level 3- Loud and proud – Used when answering questions in class, speaking to the group, etc.